Our collaborative writing process works for customers in any location and at any career stage.



You fill out our simple online form with your career goals and most recent resume (if you have one).


We assign your order to one of our experienced, Australia-based writers (this typically happens within 1 day).


Your writer collaborates with you via email or phone to complete your documents and answer any questions.


You fill out our order form

We assign your order

You pay for your order

Your order is complete

Your writer prepares your resume, asking questions and responding to your feedback in a collaborative and personalised process.

Your writer prepares your cover letter and LinkedIn profile based on the package you ordered. Coaching services are also completed at this time.



How long does it take?

When you fill out the order form, we ask what deadlines you have (if any) so that we can work with your schedule. We try to get started as quickly as possible, and we'll work with you to ensure all documents are completed in a timely manner. Every client's situation is unique, and the total time it takes depends on (a) how much additional information we need to complete the order, (b) how many drafts we create, and (c) how much time it takes to communicate back and forth with the writer. Most orders are assigned to a writer within 1 day. If we have most of the information we need to get started, we are able to send you the first draft of your resume in as fast as 48 hours. 

Who are your professional resume writers?

We have a team of 100+ CV writers working at TopStack. All writers work remotely, either at home or at a local office. Most of our writers have advanced degrees and/or are certified CV writing professionals. That said, we hire a diverse range of candidates that work with clients across all industries and at all experience levels. After your place an order, it gets assigned to a writer. That writer will then reach out to you directly and can provide his or her particular background and qualifications at that time. We believe it's important to pair you with a writer that is familiar with your particular industry and position. 

How do I communicate with my writer?

Our resume writers communicate with you via phone, email, or both. When you are filling out the order form, we ask for your communication preference. We do not limit the amount of communication you have for your writer. We commit to working with you until you are 100% satisfied.  

How and when do I pay?
You pay us after we've completed your CV and you're satisfied with our work. Please see the infographic above that shows the order timeline as a reference. Once payment has been made, you'll be able to download the finished documents in an unrestricted Microsoft Word format. Before payment, you can view your documents in a temporary, watermarked format with restricted use. All payments are processed through our secure, online portal. We accept PayPal and all major credit cards.

Can I edit my documents after I receive them?

Yes. Once you have paid for our service, we send you the Microsoft Word version of your documents. The document can be edited by you at any time from that point on.

Do you offer unlimited revisions in the future? 

We revise your documents up until the time the order is complete. We do not update your resume or other documents in perpetuity. However, we do provide future updates and revisions at an additional, reasonable cost.  

What guarantees do you offer? 

We offer a 60-day interview guarantee with our professional and premium packages. If you haven't received any interviews 60 days after paying for our services, we'll have a Senior Resume Writer review and revise your CV at no additional cost. You must have applied to at least 10 jobs to qualify.

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